Policies – Internet Use


Shoals Public Library

Internet Use Policy

Mission Statement

The Shoals Public Library has procured new computer assets and Internet access for use by the public through financial support of local service organizations and patrons and through federal and state grants. The library Board of Trustees recognizes that the so called “information divide” still exists and that many economically disadvantages patrons lack access to computers and the Internet. The Board therefore desires that library assets be employed primarily to promote economic opportunity, self-improvement and education in the community.


All electronic traffic originating from the Shoals Public Library’s connection to the Internet shall be in accordance with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the following acceptable use standards. Failure to abide by these standards may result in the loss of Internet, computer, or library privileges and may subject the user to applicable federal and state laws.

  1. Computers may not be used for unauthorized, illegal, or unethical purposes. These include but are not limited to:
  • Using computer resources to access sexually explicit material; violence and hate speech; gambling; and illicit drugs and alcohol.
  • Using computer resources to transit threats, obscenity, or disruptions such as computer worms and viruses, unsolicited advertising, and unauthorized entry into any other computer systems.
  • Using computer resources to access chat rooms, instant messaging services, and game sites.


  1. Users must observe federal and state laws and copyright and license restrictions.


  1. Users must abide by established computer system security, networking and settings, local or otherwise.



  1. Monetary purchases using computer resources are acceptable, but the Shoals Public Library dies not provide any security or protection for credit card numbers or protection of the personal or private information submitted. The library assumes absolutely no responsibility in this regard.


  1. The Library staff may deny access to public terminals to patrons not in good standing. The staff may also limit the time spent on public terminals if other patrons are waiting for access.
  2. The public access computers may be monitored at the Circulation Desk. Any patron found accessing inappropriate sites or misusing the machines may be logged off, and his computer privileges revoked indefinitely.


The Shoals Public Library reserves the right to modify these standards at any time.


Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Shoals Public Library:

Date: July 9, 2007

Amended: April7, 2008